All organisations applying for grants are expected to:

  • Be a registered charity or have a charitable purpose
  • Have the capacity to complete the project
  • Have the capability to complete the project
  • Be well regarded in the sector
  • Provide feedback to the Foundation on how funds have been used
  • Provide opportunities to promote the Foundation.

All projects must:

  • Fit with the Foundation’s objectives and priorities
  • Be clearly defined
  • Produce measurable (tangible) outcomes
  • Respond to a clearly identified need

In addition Trustees have preference for projects that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Innovation – are bold and push the boundaries rather than maintain the status quo
  • Uniqueness – involves work no-one else is doing and fills a unique gap
  • Impact – have an enduring benefit and/or the lessons learned can be more widely applied
  • Reach – has the capacity to impact large numbers
  • Relevance – is relevant in today’s environment and reflects modern practice
  • Inclusive – promotes inclusive practice
  • Collaboration – is a collaborative initiative or builds on the work of others
  • Special circumstances – there are special conditions prevailing that make the project important.

If you are satisfied that your project

  • Fits with the objectives and priorities of the Foundation
  • Meets our criteria for funding
  • Is not an activity that would normally be excluded.

Read more information about the funding application process and guidelines.