The IHC Foundation’s vision is for an Aotearoa New Zealand where people with intellectual disability are valued and active in their communities. This means recognizing the rights of people to participate in the social, cultural, political and economic life of their community.

The IHC Foundation acknowledges the significant changes that have been made towards a more inclusive society but knows there is still much to be done. The Foundation also acknowledges its many partners – organisations and individuals – who are working to achieve a more inclusive New Zealand.

To contribute to the achievement of this vision the Foundation makes grants to organisations who share our goals. While we do fund a wide range of activities we have a preference for initiatives that:

  1. Build family networks and support access to information
  2. Promote positive images and address discriminatory practice and attitudes
  3. Enhance the skills of self advocates and develop leaders
  4. Promote the health and well being of people with intellectual disability
  5. Support people into meaningful, sustainable work.

If you have any doubts about what we fund you are welcome to contact us.

Find out what activities the Foundation does not normally fund.