Our Links with IHC

The IHC Foundation’s history is linked to that of IHC NZ Inc.

IHC NZ Inc was established in 1949 by a group of parents who were dissatisfied with the lack of community based educational, work and living opportunities for their children.  These families lobbied on behalf of their children and were successful in securing government funding for community based services.

Over the following years IHC established a range of services and, while it grew to become New Zealand’s largest provider of services, it retained a strong social mission to advocate for all people with intellectual disability.

Establishment of the Foundation

The IHC Foundation was originally established in 1983 as part of IHC New Zealand Inc.  The initial hope was the Foundation become a vehicle for raising funds that could be used to benefit all people not just those receiving IHC services.

Establishment of Separate Foundation

In 2007 the Foundation was relaunched as a charitable trust quite separate from IHC NZ Inc.  The Board of IHC NZ Inc saw the establishment of the Foundation as a separate legal entity as the best way to provide efficient and effective custody of charitable funds and the best way to honour its commitment to all people.

Endowment of the Foundation

The Foundation was established from the generous endowment by IHC NZ Inc of charitable funds accumulated through the generosity of New Zealanders.  Two endowments, the first of $5 million in 2007 and the second of $14 million in 2013 form the capital base of the Foundation.