ieag-logoIEAG was excited to receive the IHC Foundation’s support for a new Oral History Project.

This project will develop a New Zealand oral history repository and website about disability and education, accompanied by teaching resources, similar to the UK website

“We want to change attitudes and practice by validating and making public the unheard voice of intellectually disabled people’s education experiences through the years, charting a timeline of change from exclusion towards inclusion. A key message will be that inclusion is yet to be fully achieved and the project will highlight what non-disabled people can do to support movement towards full inclusion.” says Dr Bernadette Macartney, IEAG Co-convenor.

“Disabled people will be involved in the whole process, both as interviewers and interviewees. The project will take place throughout New Zealand, where the resources and people are available.” says Dr Macartney, “We would like to extend a huge Thank You to the IHC Foundation for making this project possible.”