The IHC Foundation has a broad mandate and funds a wide range of initiatives that benefit people with intellectual disability and their families.

The Trustees will consider applications at four meetings throughout the year. Applications need to be in by the due date for them to be considered.

The next due dates for applications are:

Monday 4th February

Monday 29 March

Friday 2nd August

Friday 15 November

If you have read through all our material and are still not clear about our criteria give us a call on (04) 471 5733.

Application process & guidelines

The Foundation has a simple one step application process.

Applicants are asked to submit applications on the Foundation application form.

Our preference is to receive application forms online but if this is not possible you can post them to us. If you have any difficulties do not hesitate to contact us.

Applications are invited throughout the year and will be considered by Trustees at their next scheduled meeting. Meetings are held every quarter. We will advise you each year of meeting dates when they are confirmed.

To be considered Trustees require an application to be submitted three weeks prior to the scheduled meeting.

Each organisation may only apply once in any year. We will acknowledge receipt of your application and advise you when it is to be considered. We may get back to you if we require more information to make a final decision.

Criteria for assessing applications

All organisations applying for grants are expected to:

  • Be a registered charity or have a charitable purpose

  • Have the capacity to complete the project

  • Have the capability to complete the project

  • Be well regarded in the sector

  • Provide feedback to the Foundation on how funds have been used

  • Provide opportunities to promote the Foundation.

All projects must:

  • Fit with the Foundation’s objectives and priorities

  • Be clearly defined

  • Produce measurable (tangible) outcomes

  • Respond to a clearly identified need

In addition Trustees have preference for projects that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Innovation – are bold and push the boundaries rather than maintain the status quo

  • Uniqueness – involves work no-one else is doing and fills a unique gap

  • Impact – have an enduring benefit and/or the lessons learned can be more widely applied

  • Reach – has the capacity to impact large numbers

  • Relevance – is relevant in today’s environment and reflects modern practice

  • Inclusive – promotes inclusive practice

  • Collaboration – is a collaborative initiative or builds on the work of others

  • Special circumstances – there are special conditions prevailing that make the project important.

If you are satisfied that your project

  • Fits with the objectives and priorities of the Foundation

  • Meets our criteria for funding

  • Is not an activity that would normally be excluded.


There are some activities the Foundation does not normally fund.  We do not normally make grants for:

  • Building and associated capital items

  • Property maintenance

  • Purchase of vehicles

  • Projects that are already complete

  • Fundraising initiatives

  • Organisations not based in New Zealand

  • Publication and distribution of magazines

  • Website development

The Foundation understands the pressure on many organisations as the government funding on which they have come to rely is reducing.  However, the Foundation does not generally fund core services which the government might be expected to fund.

The Foundation will, on occasion, fund individuals where it can be demonstrated that people with intellectual disability will benefit.