about the IHC Foundation

The IHC Foundation was established in 1983 as part of IHC New Zealand Inc. The idea was for the Foundation become a vehicle to raise funds that could be used to benefit everyone with intellectual disabilities, not just those receiving IHC services.

In 2007 the Foundation was relaunched as a charitable trust separate from IHC NZ Inc. The establishment of the Foundation as a separate legal entity was seen as an effective way to provide custody of charitable funds and to honour its commitment to everyone.

Three independent directors and two IHC-appointed directors provide the governance of the Foundation.

The Foundation's initial capital came from a generous endowment by IHC NZ Inc.

Management of our investment

The Foundation’s investment objectives require us to provide a steady income stream from which to make grants, at the same time as preserving the capital base in real terms. We have set a conservative asset allocation with a 55:45 split between income and growth assets. That allocation is regularly reviewed by Trustees and may shift within agreed minimum and maximum benchmarks.

Craigs Investment Partners act as investment advisors to the Foundation.