Instruments of the World unite

Participants in an Arts Integrated performing arts programme this year plunged headlong into a world tour of musical instruments.

The Instruments of the World project started as part of the group’s class work. Tutor Sam Corry introduced a Latin American guioro and an African mbira to the class and before long participants started bringing in instruments of all kinds. The project grew with students researching the origins of their instruments – from Scottish bagpipes and Latin American maracas to the Hawaiian ukulele – and then they presented their findings, which were filmed by tutor Fiona McKenzie.

The project grew from looking at instruments to researching, playing and then presenting to the camera.

Arts Integrated is a performing arts course for young adults in Christchurch, with a special focus on enabling and inspiring those living with disability. It covers spoken word, acting, poetry, mime, dance and music and is largely student driven, responding to ideas generated by the group.

It has been providing programmes for people with disabilities since 2013, supporting up to 24 students at any one time to experience performance skills, partially funded by Hagley Community College. 

The IHC Foundation has supported Arts Integrated with funding towards the costs of employing an assistant tutor.